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Super Bowl

I’m a big time football fan.

Though ‘my team’ isn’t in the Super Bowl this year, I am still excited about it.Superbowl-2013

I am trying to focus on the good; the game, the commercials, the performances, etc.

But a small part of me is sad because once Sunday’s game ends… the season is over until Septemberish.

An entire 6ish months of football-less Sundays.

I love the stories that come along with the Super Bowl. (It’s like every four years when the olympics come around and you find yourself cheering for a person you’d never heard of because you watched a 6 minute clip about their life struggles, set to slow music and commentated by Bob Costas.)

This Super Bowl is packed with stories, opposing coaches who are brothers, a one year backup quarterback who has now led his team to the big game, an all pro linebacker who will be playing his last game, will Beyoncé lip sync, etc.

In the end though, there will be one winner.

So, here’s to healthy competition; to winners, because hard work pays off and it feels god to be rewarded. And here’s to those who don’t win because not winning is not fun, but, you wake up the next day, think about what you learned, what you can do differently next time, and you dust yourself off and try again.

A few little life lessons mirrored in a simple football game.

Happy February!


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