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Do you recognize this kid?

c_01His name is Little Bill.

He was the star of a cartoon that came on Nick Jr.

I was forced delighted to watch this show one day while babysitting a few years ago.

I still remember the ‘lesson’ from an episode called ‘The Meanest Thing to Say’.

The title is deceiving, it didn’t actually teach you mean things to say.

Little Bill was being picked on and people were saying mean things to him.

His dad taught him a great comeback

He told him to learn to control himself and just say,


I thought that was genius.

How many times should you have just said so, and then just let it go?

People talk about you, say things that aren’t true, hate on you, dislike you? So.

People are mean, I know, I’ve been mean before.

But when you’re on the receiving end of it, it’s no fun.

It gets harder to just walk away and shrug things off the older you get, but it’s worth the effort.

Take the higher road, don’t engage. Say “so?” and keep it moving, or say nothing at all.

Besides, most mean things people say are really just cover ups for their own hurt. Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 11.27.13 AM


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