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I’ve chosen to use Lance Armstrong again as an example.

Not to continue to beat up on Mr. Armstrong, but because it’s current, relatable, and could be any of us.

Cheating and lying are one in the same.

Have you ever cheated, on a test, in a relationship, game, or sport, someone out of money?


Choosing to cheat robs people, figuratively and literally.

You destroy the trust of people.

You cheat yourself out of opportunities.

tumblr_mcsqkjx9PP1ruro3jo1_500Cheating hurts innocent people.

People cheat for a number of reasons, it’s an easy way out, they don’t have faith in themselves, they’re unhappy, etc.

But, it’s not worth the stress of keeping up the lie, worrying about getting caught, or hurting people, yourself included.


I still have my LIVESTRONG bracelet and I will keep it to

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 1.34.10 PMremind myself that lying and cheating aren’t worth it.

Also, because people still face and battle cancer every day and they still need support. The organization, though started by Lance Armstrong is bigger than Lance Armstrong.

It will also remind me to choose the high road/the right road, or Lance Armstrong could be me.


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