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6a0120a85dcdae970b01630509825a970d-800wiWe’ve all done it.

Sometimes we get caught and sometimes we feel so bad that we tell on ourselves.

Sometimes the effect of our lie spreads so far and so fast that telling the truth seems to be the only way to ‘fix’ the situation.

Last week, the world listened to a once-deemed ‘hero’ admit the truth.a_560x375

The truth was, that he lied.

Lance Armstrong, the most popular cyclist in the world.

What makes the Lance Armstrong story such an attention grabber are many:

  • the number of wins he amassed

  • the cancer foundation he started and the yellow wristband they made popular

  • his denial of drug use

What I have taken from this story is what his truth being told has caused me to think about.

My lies were not of Armstrong’s magnitude, I don’t think.

But, a lie is a lie.

Yes, his lies cost people millions of dollars, hurt numerous people, etc.

I’m not fighting his case, it’s not my battle. I’m just pointing out the fact that this man is just like you and me.

So, learn from this.

Allow yourself to admit that you have most likely lied, deceived, or omitted, and remain conscious aware of what you say so you can avoid doing it again.

Whether it’s a little white lie, a bold-faced lie, or an exaggeration… think of the people it may affect.

How you would feel if someone found out the truth?

How you would feel if the lie was being told to or about  you ?

I heard someone define a lie once, and it has become one of my favorite quotes…

“A lie is anything that erodes a person’s ability to trust you.”

Tell the truth.

whether it feels good or not

whether it’s easy or not

whether you want to or not


It’s worth it.


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