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123356477265059553_bkFgfdZ0_cI love the title of Rihanna’s latest cd.

Her explanation for the title:  “I named my album ‘Unapologetic’ because there is only one truth, and you can’t apologize for that. It’s honest. I’m always evolving of course, I think the only motto I have is to be true to myself.”*

When I was younger I wanted to be a ballet teacher and an astronaut. Not only am I neither of those things now but I have little interest in being either. At the time though I was adamant and passionate about those goals.

That’s what happens when you evolve. One day you like something and the next, you may laugh at the fact that you ever entertained the thought.

Like wearing my clothes backwards like KrissKross.

Call it growing, maturing, changing, a phase- whatever it is, don’t apologize for it.

Enjoy whatever your passion is today.

If it changes tomorrow, enjoy the new one.



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