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Grammar Crackers


I’ve been called this a time or two. I don’t care.

I don’t mind being corrected. In fact, I welcome correction.

233483561901053977_lEg8yytz_b These days things move faster, language is more casual, heck, this blog doesn’t always have complete sentences.

Texts and tweets cause us to express ourselves in fewer words and we are great at abbreviating things. I get it.

However, I think it is important to have correct grammar and syntax available at the ready.


You know people who write like the way they speakNow, people write like they text. 😒

A dean of admissions, the bestower of scholarships, your boss, they all know that ‘brb’ means ‘be right back’, but they don’t want to see it written.

Be alert, be aware, check and double check.

Don’t let poor grammar give someone the wrong impression of you and hinder your goal of reaching your potential.

Don’t be offended when people correct you. 44543483784574180_BIXOTGkI_c


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