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Apparently I have a super power.

It is a very costly super power but a power nonetheless.

I have an uncanny ability to destroy all things electronic.

These are the phones I’ve been through in the past 6 years. (Well, not the Jitterbug, I found that 6 button beauty at my old job.)

Keep in mind I took the picture with phone #11.

We won’t even get started on how many laptops I’ve been through. Let’s just say I’m well known at Best Buy.

I have resolved that it must be me. I mean, I am the common denominator.

So, in an effort to self soothe, I turned to tumblr for some comic relief. I refuse to be alone in my ability to do things wrong 🙂

“You had ONE job”


Don’t pretend you don’t screw things up.

Welp, here’s to my new latest phone!




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