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                 Life can be tough


There are so many times when giving up presents itself as the easiest and most sensible thing to do. Sometimes it is.

Then there are times when giving up will result in regret, pain, and a sense of failure

Will you look back in a year and wish you had just stuck it out? Or will you be glad you didn’t go through with it and chose to get out before it was too late? Is it giving up if it makes sense? Or is it course- correcting and doing something different? 

In January I enrolled in a program and I was so excited about it. A month later I removed myself from the program and immediately felt relieved, and that was followed by intense anger.  I had not done the proper research, counted the costs (figuratively), nor had I looked into other options. I was so mad at myself for walking blindly into something that seemed perfect without considering how it would impact my life. I was mad that I wasted a month of my life that I could have spent focusing on something else. However, I know this coming January I will still be glad that I made that decision.

I am a risk taker; I will not change that. I will however exercise wisdom from now on.

Take risks. Live boldly. Seek wisdom.

Do NOT be afraid to change your direction.


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