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Young Grasshoppers

I’ve never seen the show Kung Fu

But I often refer to my friends as ‘young grasshopper’.

I’ve never seen Star Trek Wars (despite my being referred to as Princess  Leia).

I do however use the term young padawan often.

I am passionate about young talent, gifts, dreamers, and go-getters. 

A few of the teens I currently work with are young entrepreneurs and I am so happy for them.

Some other people I know also share in the desire to start and run their own businesses.

This video is for them and anyone else who thinks that path is theirs also.

(I am not promoting this company nor do I receive $$$ for using this video. I just think it’s inspiring.)

Not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur and I can appreciate that.

However, I do believe everyone wants to do work they are proud of.

Work hard. Live proud. Help others.


One response to “Young Grasshoppers

  1. Taiylor ⋅

    This video was very helpful thanks

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