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Alone time


I recently spent nine weeks back east visiting my family. I only packed for two weeks (Side eye)

I don’t care how many times you wash your clothes, you do NOT want to wear the same 14 outfits for 9 weeks!

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway; I love my family. I miss them when I go a long time without being around them. I now know that the same is true for my home. I miss it when I go a long time without seeing it. I miss my car, my bed, my refrigerator, you catch my drift?

Let’s get it straight, I don’t miss the actual THING. I miss what they offer and represent.

I’m a person who HAS to have time alone. Time to think, time to read, to listen to music, uninterrupted.

I am so productive when I am on my own.

I know that there are people who love being around others and who are the social type. Not a thing wrong with that.

I do however think there is a time for peace, for quiet, to be alone, and to be ok with it.

This week, carve some time out for yourself. Take time and be still, be alone, sort through your thoughts, and enjoy it.

Figure out what kind of setting makes you feel the most relaxed and enjoy the solitude.

This makes me happy and relaxed; I’m glad to be back home.

 image I just hope the people whose room this actually is don’t mind.


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