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This is one of my favorite shirts. I no longer wear it but I loved what it said so I turned it into a pillow. “Young ideas are the new future”

It is one thing to be talented, it is another playing field to decide to use the talent. Passionate people, talented people, driven and ambitious young adults are the most powerful and inspiring people I have ever worked with.

Having to balance family life, education, and career goals are the usual tasks most people face. Not allowing the necessity to balance to be an excuse is the task of successful people.

Some people are born with talents while other people study and master a skill. However your ‘gift’ has come to you, do it justice. Muster up enough strength to put in the time, do the work, study your craft, take risks, and eliminate a fear of failure.

Start small if you have to.

Don’t be afraid to be invisible.

Keep at it.

We need it.

We need you.

Check out some young musical talent below. One you may know and one you probably don’t. That didn’t stop either one of them.


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