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Start Strong, Finish Stronger

School is officially back in session for all!

No matter when you start, start strong.

Keep your priorities straight and focus on what’s important. Keep an open mind to new friends, new teachers, and new ideas.

Education is power, when applied, so take advantage of this time in your life when your only ‘job’ is to learn.

There may be subjects you like, or don’t mind, and then there are the ones you just simply hate or have trouble understanding. Work as hard as you can at all of them.

Schools are full of teachers who are excellent at their job, who don’t just teach but tutor, nurture, encourage, and care. Seek them out (and anyone else who can help) and take advantage of them.

I know some of you have graduated high school and college already and are now all about that work life. Education doesn’t stop when school ends; learn all you can where you are. Work experience, customer relations, problem solving, independence, and responsibility are all wonderful skills you learn at work. Learn all you can whether you are in the process of starting your own company, moving out for the first time, buying a car, etc. Knowledge is becoming aware, or learning, but wisdom is the proper application. Be wise.


Start Strong. Finish Stronger.

Here’s to the journey!


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