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K.Y.P. S.

One of my best friends throughout junior high and high school was a smart-knucklehead. You know the type?
I don’t know if he was intimidated by his own intelligence or he just didn’t know exactly what to do with it and remain ‘cool’.
KYPS became our ‘thing’. “Keep Your Priorities Straight” I even wrote it in his yearbook.

These days I have to remind myself often to keep my priorities straight. I am on a new venture in my life and it has left me with a lot of unregulated time on my hands. Structure has always worked well for me; I am a goal setter, rigid, methodical. If I plan my day out prior to my feet touching the floor, I am successful at accomplishing everything I chose to do, baring emergencies.

If I keep the end result or goals in mind, I am most likely to not allow social media, talking on the phone, or watching the olympics to consume my day.

School has started here in Arizona and will begin soon on the east coast. How I wish sometimes I could go back to the days when my only responsibility was doing my best in school. My mom would often say, you only have one job; school.

What are priorities to you? Mine change often, but this is a good example of what they are usually…


One response to “K.Y.P. S.

  1. Dessy ⋅

    I always try to do What I think will benefit me in the end and What’s gonna make me Happy. There’s been plenty of time that I’ve tried to please everybody and I end up miserable. I’ve learned that people will always try to give you advice but yew have to pick and choose What you are going to listen to. I rush I could go back to only worry about school too lol

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