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Who cares?


Have you ever said this to someone or to yourself?
Did you mean it?

About a year ago I cut my hair. I was so excited about getting my hair cut and when my hairdresser was done I was even more excited! I couldn’t stay out of the mirror.
But that night, as I lay down to go to sleep, I had a BRIEF moment of panic.
What if people don’t like it?!?
I was actually allowing what other people might think to overrule what I thought about myself.
All my excitement had suddenly been pushed aside by a fear of disapproval.
This was new for me.
Thankfully those thoughts only lasted a few seconds.

There are certainly times when you should consider others; ask yourself, will what I do or say hurt them? Will I regret this?

Learn to understand the difference between constructive criticism and hate or envy.
One is necessary and usually comes from people who love you and want better for you.
The other needs no attention.

Do you.
Be the bigger person and compliment instead of criticize.


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