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Good People

You ever watch the news, and after about 10 minutes feel like the world is all evil, that everyone is crazy, and that no-one really cares?
It can be quite depressing and sometimes overwhelming if all you hear and choose to believe are bad things. It is true, bad behavior, evil deeds, and hurtful words are present in our society. According to the media negativity sells, “no one wants to watch good news.”

Maybe I’m crazy, but…


I believe there are people who care for others and show them. I believe in volunteers who work hard for no money. I believe that teenagers and young adults can positively change the world. I believe that we have the desire and ability to make a difference.
I believe in you. The rest is up to you.

Update* Wow, timing. The events in the Colorado movie theater are tough. Lives were taken and families are affected. Good people will help them make it through. I still believe.


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