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Character Assessment

These are characters…




Characters are people or animations who take on a role. The role is usually written by someone and played by someone else. Characters develop as the show, movie, book, and/or play go on. Character is formed the same way in real life.


People LOVE to characterize teens and young adults as difficult, selfish, disobedient, negative, etc. And y’all ARE, or at least can be at times. (Part of it isn’t your fault but we’ll discuss that later.) But those words don’t give an accurate description of you the person as a whole.
Develop your character; your traits, behaviors, things you’re known for. How would people who know you well and those who don’t describe you? Is it fair? Is it accurate? Is it how you want to be described as? Is it truly who you are?


Caring, creative, honest, independent, loving, helpful, these are some of the things people have told me I am and I agree because I know I try to be at least. But I’ve also been described as sarcastic, spoiled, and stubborn. I’m ok with those too :-).

What words describe your character? Build good character. There’s enough jerks already in the world.


2 responses to “Character Assessment

  1. Mattie ⋅

    A lot of people tell me that i am stubborn, loving, family oriented, independent, caring, and spoiled.

  2. Something that you will never fully develop, I’ve learned that the hard way. But at this point I know what kind of person I strive to be. Putting it into words isn’t easy though.

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