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Every now and then…


It’s raining today. I’ve always loved the sound of rain. My uncle used to tease me because I had a rain and thunderstorm CD. I listened to it faithfully as if it were the newest Adele or Frank Ocean CD. It doesn’t rain often in Arizona and when it does, it’s usually just for a few minutes. The infrequency causes me to appreciate and enjoy the rain even more.

This week I had lunch with a friend. I don’t get to see her often but when I do I always enjoy it. I accidentally left my phone in the car during our lunch and even though I felt kind of naked without it, it was so good to have a conversation with no distraction. Lunch with my friend was great because I don’t see her often, enjoy catching up when I do, and because I spent time with my undivided attention on her. This weekend, consciously choose to enjoy the presence of the people you are around. Disconnect (your phone) so that you can connect (with someone).

Saw this online. A girl had her friends over for a party and this basket was at the front door. image

Try it. Have a great weekend!


5 responses to “Every now and then…

  1. Mattie ⋅

    I am attached to my phone when my phone first got cut off i thought i was going to die. I kept saying what i am going to do without the love of my life. When it happened the first week i was going crazy but when the second week came around i kinda enjoyed it because i felt free, and untracable and when i was with my friends they loved the fact that they had my undivided attention with no interruptions. When my phone got cut back on i was kinda upset because i no longer was untracable.

  2. Selina ⋅

    SUUUUPER good idea!!

  3. shawny ⋅

    , ussually im not on my phone when i have company . because the person i would be texting or calling , is the person im sitting with . i do indeed feel totaly naked without my phonee , but i know its not impossiblee to be away from it .

  4. Kai ⋅

    I feel as though that would be IMPOSSIBLE for everyone at the party to simply put there phones down. It seems to be part of our entertainment with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Etc. But I think I will try that and see what creative things we find to do, and I bet they will be just as fun!!!!!

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