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Silly Little Fears

I don’t have many fears in life. This however is numero uno!

You ever misjudge the height of the next step as you’re walking down them? That flash in time when your heart skips about three beats, worst.moment.EVER!
Falling down the steps is my greatest fear. People tripping and/or falling is my greatest joy, this includes myself. When I worked at the airport I was going to the next terminal on my lunch break and decided that the moving sidewalk was going too slowly. I put 1 leg over the handrail and then the other and waited for the perfect moment to jump down, remember this is a moving sidewalk so even the railing is moving. Welp, 2 things I did not take into account, 1) the thing I am sitting on is moving but the ground is not and 2) the moving sidewalk is NOT on the ground. Apparently the geniuses who built this thing did not take into account that some people might want to jump off before they got to the end. So when I jumped down not only was my forward moving body landing on a stationary ground, what I thought was a 1 inch jump was more like a 1 foot jump…BIT IT! Hard. The patient, civilized people still on the moving sidewalk clearly were not from Philadelphia because I didn’t hear anyone laugh, they were more concerned for my health and safety. I on the other hand could not stop laughing after I got myself off the ground. Had that moving sidewalk been an escalator, I probably would have died of a heart attack, not the fall. Idky or when this fear of falling down stairs began but I am reminded of it every time I leave my house.

Fears, little ones like these, not the deep ones like a fear of death, are probably the result of something deep but for the sake of this post let’s keep it light. We’ll dive deeper another time.

What silly little fears do you have? Any idea why or when they began?


2 responses to “Silly Little Fears

  1. shawny ⋅

    , haha, i would have laughed tooo . falling is no longer my fear , because i was soo clumsy when i was younger . smh now im scared of like walking into doors or walls lol

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