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Blue Tuesday

Yesterday I had a blue day. I don’t know why, I couldn’t shake it, but I refused to have a blue Wednesday. Luckily, I am the captain of my ship (to some extent) so I get to choose the course my day will take. But…image

You ever have one of those days when you not only woke up on the wrong side of the bed but you seem to be walking, driving, and just plain functioning on the wrong side? I have a love/hate relationship with those kind of moods and days. I hate them because I am less productive, I have a lil’ pity party in my head, I have to be very careful what I say to people because I am usually short on patience and it’s not their fault. Only recently have come to appreciate those kind of days. I embrace them mainly because I know it won’t last forever, that I AM ALLOWED TO HAVE BAD DAYS, and I probably needed to spend some time alone and reflecting anyway.

I am an introvert, I enjoy being alone, I can go days in my apartment without ever leaving. Since I’ve quit my job I have had to MAKE myself get out of the house at least 5 days a week. It is the only way to assure that I brush my teeth and shower, and even that is sketchy at times :). We won’t even begin on what my hair is looking like these days.

I understand however that life is about relationship. Relationships with family, friends, and even strangers, so it greatly benefits me to come out of my shell sometimes, insecurities, worries, fears, doubts, attitudes, impatience and all. Besides, just because I enjoy a blue Tuesday every now and then (and spending it alone) doesn’t mean that I don’t also enjoy Orange Wednesdays (being out and about, relating, and productive).

Go Easy on yourself. Happy Orange Wednesday!

Wait…today is Wednesday right?


3 responses to “Blue Tuesday

  1. Mattie ⋅

    The blue days are very special to me because these are the days i get to sit back and think about myself. The things i like, don’t like, what i need to change about myself and, who and what i need to eliminate out my life. For a moment i do drift off into fairy tale land but by the end of the day i feel relieved, good, and stressed free because i have my goals set and and a time frame in when they will be completed by.

  2. Bethany B. ⋅

    I have always appreciated days like those! I tend to take myself out of the real world and into the world I’d like to live in! One without heartache and pain! Without abuse and discrimination because you are “different” than others when infact, you are the same! I feels nice to be in a place where I’m accepted for who I am and what I want to become! It’s when those day end where I feel broken inside; wanted to escape from this horrid world!

  3. shawny ⋅

    , i have the same kind of relationship with these days . i love spending them alone . but then yall know i like being alone anyway lol . but whenever i have a ” blue tuesday” it always gets better because i have friends and family who end up cheering me up at the end of the day . my tuesdays never last that long .

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