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Cherish Wisdom. Stay Cool.


I have lived in Arizona for the last 5 1/2 years and while I am used to the heat I am still not used to having my fingertips scorched off when I grab the steering wheel. A recent trip back home to Philly confirmed that I’m CERTAINLY not used to humidity.

Days like these you always hear “check on the elderly” and for good reason. If most elderly are anything like my Grandmom they will be in the house kickin’ it with just the fan on. Meanwhile I walk in and my eyelashes start sweating. Wth?! Gmom you have an air conditioner JUST for days like this. To which she retorts “I’! It’s not hot in here!” K. But the cat is sitting in the freezer so… I’m just saying.
(Apparently as we age we lose the ability to perspire and regulate our body temperature. Older people don’t feel the heat the same. Sometimes they don’t feel it until it’s too late.)

I saw a woman in the grocery store the other day who reminded me so much of my great-grandmother. I miss her. Sometimes I wish I knew then what I know now so I could get her opinion, advice, and smart mouth remarks.

My prayer is that my kids get to meet my grandmom. If that doesn’t happen I am trying to glean as much wisdom and as many stories from her as I can. I’m impatient and she asks A LOT of questions WITHOUT waiting for the answer but in between all that is so much value. I didn’t pick her but I’m glad I got her.


Carl and them!

Check on an older person. Value wisdom.
Stay cool.


2 responses to “Cherish Wisdom. Stay Cool.

  1. shawny ⋅

    , i agree but i really havent checked on my elderly . it sounds bad but i just idk lol i have to start . im beggining to feel bad .

  2. Chimere ⋅

    I agree. Since the “heat wave”, I have been thinking how the elderly have been dealing with it. My grandfather, whose house is ten times smaller than grandmas, will sit in the house no air, no fan but with a window CRACKED! Dangerous, smh, sad that the older we get the less our body wants to work but that was how we were made so it is definitely our responsiblity to check on those older than us. I sometimes have check my own parents.

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