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My mom used to go to my parent-teacher conferences every year and my teachers all told her the same thing. They said I was a ” good student but I didn’t work up to my potential.” I got so sick of hearing that. What the heck did that even mean? How in the world could they know my potential if I’d never shown them?
Years later when I began to teach and mentor…I got it! Potential by my definition is all the things and stuff that you see in someone, all the things they are capable of becoming. Sometimes the person doesn’t know or can’t see the potential in themselves (yet).

Your parents, teachers at school, dance, church,etc., coaches, mentors, and even friends, can all see it. All the people who push you to try harder, beg you not to settle, and try to convince you that it’s ok to be different, they all see your potential.

The problem sometimes can be that the people who recognize your potential don’t know how to verbally express it. It can come across as parents, teachers, and coaches being mean or extra hard on you. The people who push you, challenge you or encourage you want you to work up to your potential.

The name of this blog and organization is LAUNCH because I want it to act as a springboard. Dreams, goals, and success are all obtainable, LAUNCH is here to help.

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7 responses to “Potential

  1. Mattie ⋅

    In my mind i imagine my future which is me becoming successful and graduating on top of my class but in reality i stop myself from getting there because i doubt myself a lot. Even when i get the courage, confidence and, energy to do something as soon as it gets hard i run from it. In my heart i know that i have the potential to succeed but i have to push myself to do it and stop thinking negative and making excuses about why i can’t do it. Even when i get awards i always say no i don’t deserve that but then it shows me how hard i pushed myself to earn that award. I have to stop giving up on myself so easily because if i keep doing that i will never get nowhere in life.

  2. shawny ⋅

    , i agree completely . i still hear this , to this day ! the first person i heard it from was probably you ms. Lia lol but i have tried to work and i see the difference i see what i have done and what i haven’t been doing . i haven’t been on honor roll since Pen Rose , but this year , ALL YEAR i have been on honor roll . now i know what i can do . i’m pretty proud of my self .

  3. Chimere ⋅

    I sometimes regret not living up to my full potential in grade school, cheerleading, praise dancing etc.. Because so many teachers, coaches, mentors told me that I had the ability to do something great, I chose to do the bare minimal and could get away with it! I can honestly say that I was going through a rebelious mindest and now as I look at those younger than me who has the same potenial and greater I don’t give them the same speech that we have all gotten, I tell them my experiences and pray that they listen and reach for there potential.

  4. Briana ⋅

    I feel the exact same way. If I never had someone tell me that it’s ok to be who I am and that I have potential to be whatever I want to be I would not have made this much progress out of the depressive state I was once in.

  5. Courtney ⋅

    This happens to me all the time. I know I can work to my full potential, but sometimes it’s just hard. But now I see that people want me to work to my full potential for me not for anyone else, and so thats what I’m going to do. This upcoming schooI year promised myself that I’m going to work to my full potential.

  6. Dessy ⋅

    Ive always heard, “oh i know you can do better your just not putting in the effort”. i always thought, yes I am Im putting in the effort because I didnt have to do anything at all. I had to stray away from that midset because when i got to high school “well enough” wasnt GOOD ENOUGH. since then Ive always put my best foot forward because this is for ME not for anybody else. i have to do the best for me and my life.

  7. Anonymous ⋅

    I would have to agree with you 100%. I also got comments like “very intelligent but doesn’t live up to her full potential” when I was in grade school. I believe part of the reason why I didn’t was because I was distracted. I was very social (I still am, I just have better control now) and I wanted to do all the fun stuff and do the minimum work. Even though I kept a B average, I could have kept an A average, had I realized what everyone else did back then, my potential. I was always told that I was an excellent writer, but I didn’t realize until now how much I love writing and how talented I am in that area. Trust me when I say it feels so much better knowing that you are putting your best foot forward than doing just enough to get by. At the end of the day, you can never say that you didn’t try, just do it like Nike!

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