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 Yo, I have a smart mouth…


This has always been my philosophy. Should I change that? Maybe. Do I think there are truly stupid questions? Abso-freakin-lutely. One of the biggest issues my mom and I always had was OUR attitudes. She would say it was just my attitude but not only do I have her same face, I have her attitude IDKY she doesn’t get it. She got it honestly though, my great-grandmother was the most hilarious person in the world, mainly because she had a smart behind mouth.

Now I have a choice, I mean I always had a choice, but now I realize that not only do I get to choose how I speak to people (by stopping and thinking first about what I’m going to say) my choice usually guides or dictates the tone or mood I leave them in. If my goal is to hurt them, which should NEVER be a goal, I know what I could say that would get at them. If my goal is to simply share my opinion or get my point across, there’s a tactful way to do it that doesn’t leave the other person feeling degraded, embarrassed, or upset. 

You know the type of person who is very loving, very caring, and VERY opinionated? They decide that others want their opinion and they offer it without ever being asked. These people say things out of love, they may truly want the best for whomever their speaking to;  if only they would learn to say it with love…


Many of us have younger siblings who copy our behaviors so for their sake and yours, this week, practice; see if you can express yourself, voice your concern, opinion, or give advice without being a smart mouth, being mean, rude, or hurtful. I will practice also…it may be a very quiet week for me :-).

Be Great!


9 responses to “SMARTY MCFARTY

  1. Mattie ⋅

    For me not only do I have to watch my tone in my voice but i also have to watch my facial expressions especially at work. I got in trouble so may times for getting smart with customers and making faces and my favorite line would be ” Would you like for me to get you a manager, gladly.” Now I’m working on trying not to feed myself into giving people the pleasure of arguing back with them cause their not worth it but i have to say it is very hard.

  2. shawny ⋅

    , we all know i have the smartest mouth . always have always will . not that I’m proud of it , that’s just me . i tell people all the time , don’t ask me dumb questions because 9times out of 10 I’m going to be sarcastic . I’m sure i got that from you though . : )

  3. Chimere ⋅

    Yup I have a smart mouth and yup it is often backed by attitude.. Do you know who I was raised by? Its not right and because oh so often I hear ” you’re mean, be nice” I am trying to change and pause and think before I actually speak. Going to college and being in VA has also helped.. they don’t understand the Philly attitude and rudeness swag that we have so I figured if I have nothing nice to say I will say nothing at all or at least just smile and say it to myself.

  4. Briana ⋅

    I think you are absolutely right you do learn from those around you and I am as stubborn as my mother and I try not to butt heads with her, but she makes it so difficult sometimes or maybe it’s the both of us.

  5. Dessy ⋅

    i rarely get smartlipped, but i when i play around i tend to get verbally abusive especially to someone that Im dating. i like to get a little fiesty. ive recently gotten a tad loose with my potty mouth around my mother, she keeps popping me in it, ima get it together lol. im extremely blunt when it comes to my friends, when they ask me for advice. i hold no punches with them, they appreciate it tho…welll most of them do, i have to be the voice of reason

  6. My mom and my boyfriend ALWAYS tell me “it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” Neither of them have a problem telling me when I am correct so that’s not the problem, but the wrong tone of voice can be a complete turn off. I know I am a very passionate person and at times can be aggressive. My intentions are usually good, but I know that sometimes my passion or sometimes simply just my attitude gets in the way of how I deliver the message. I am a work in progress and I have definitely done a lot more thinking before speaking. I am also working on my patience because I am probably one of the most impatient people ever!

  7. So very recently I’ve been told multiple times (by the same person) that I have A “bad attitude”. I’ve learned that when I apologize it comes off as sarcastic, monotone, or forced. Now this is mainly because I rarely think I am wrong and with the right convincing I know you won’t think so also. Now I never heard this complaint from family or friend, but from a significant other. And really all this has taught me is that It’s taken me this long for someone to actually stand up to me about my attitude and actually ask me to change it. It’s a slow process but so far what I’ve learned is that i’m not 100% ready for relationships because I’ve never really fully grasped how my words and actions can affect another person.

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