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This weekend, eat some vegetables. It won’t kill you. I promise.


(If however you do happen to perish from vegetable consumption this wknd … eh, my bad dawg)


6 responses to “Veggies

  1. Mattie ⋅

    You ain’t saying nothing but a word I love my veggies the only vegetable i will never eat again is brusssel sprouts.

  2. shawny ⋅

    , ewww . lol . no I’m playing i eat my veggies . only some though like string beings and collard greens peas that pretty much it . i need to start so i can get rid of this gut .

  3. Chimere ⋅

    The other day there was a five year old in the office.. she asked with big bright eyes “how did you get so tall?” I replied “I eat all of my veggies, I love them!” you can see her little brain working as she looked at me, then she ran over to her mother and said ” Mom, I want some carrots!” too cute, eating veggies and having a love for them starts at youth =)

  4. Dessy ⋅

    i like veggies, fresh ones, and steamed ones. i love the string beans yew have to snap, they taste so fresh. i like steamed carrots and asparouas (spell check) lol. small sweet peas and broccoli. and anything green. but it gives me terrible gas lol

  5. eat some veggies. i like spring mix salad and i like to add cheese, carrots, cucumbers, craisins, croutons (if you want to get fancy add some tuna or chicken salad) and the dressing of my choice is Catalina…try it!

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