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Having grown up in Philadelphia, the 4th of July was always a big deal. It being the birthplace of freedom was reason to celebrate with fireworks, concerts, block parties,etc. An even bigger deal to me beginning at around age 16 was my personal freedom. As high school was beginning to wrap up I soooo looked forward to going away to college. I wanted to be free, live with no rules, eat Cap’n Crunch, be the boss.
I attended Ohio University my freshman year and you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t grown. I ate what I wanted, (and gained 12lbs) went to bed when I wanted, (was late for my geography final) and ran out of money often. But I loved living away from home and the freedom that came with it.
You know the saying ‘Freedom Isn’t Free’? It usually refers to the fact that we enjoy our American freedom at the cost of troops’ lives and lots of tax dollars. It wasn’t until I moved into my first apartment that I realized how much freedom really costs. I was so excited my first night at my new place by myself until… I had to go to the bathroom. See for 23 years of my life I’d NEVER walked into the bathroom and found myself without toilet paper. Something I had always taken for granted was now my responsibility! Oh snap! It was now up to me to make sure that I not only purchased toilet paper but set aside the $ for it too. It was at that moment that I realized freedom is not free; freedom costs a lot of money. For years someone had taken care of that and many other things for me.

So, today, thank someone you know who has ever served…and thank whoever buys your toilet paper.
I’m sure my mom has felt like this before…
Be safe. Say thanks.


5 responses to “Independence

  1. Mattie ⋅

    I love being independent. I’m so use to people depending on me mostly for money but i have to learn how to say no because it is so draining. I don’t like to depend on people because alot of people that i know like to throw things back in your face and use it against you even after you’ve paid them back. It hasn’t happened to me but i witnessed it a lot of times and that is why i rather stay independent. Sometimes i feel unappreciated or used. That’s the only downfall for being independent for me.

  2. shawny ⋅

    , i do this very thing to my dad . lol he always tells me . i see it too but when i call i do call to check on him and see how hes doing and what he thinks about certain situations but then i go right in to asking what i want him to do or give me . i end up feeling bad later but in the moment im just thinking of what i want how i want and when im going to get it . like recently i asked my dad to buy me a bathing suit , he spent $74:50 and i haven’t talked to him since . terrible right ? im going to call him now lol

  3. Chimere ⋅

    I agree, freedom cost too much..that is why I stay broke. Gas, food, life is too costly. Sometimes I wish I could go back as a child and enjoy the simplicity of someone handling it all for you.

  4. About 3 years ago my grandmother told me that I never called her to just say “Hi” , I would only call her when I need something. In the begining I didnt see it. After while I realized that I did call her only when I needed something. My grandmom lives in Texas , and honestly I didnt think about my grandmother everyday. I thought about her when I needed help with something, and I knew if I would call her she would do her best to make sure I had what it was I needed. I honestly didnt understand why it hurted her so bad untill I had a friend that only called me when she needed something. When things were going fine on her end I never heard from her, but as soon as something went wrong I was right there. I was having the same feeling my grandmother was having. So now I try to call my grandmother not only when I need something, but just to say wasup and just to show her that she doesnt only exist when I need something.

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