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hello world

 Thank you so much for joining me in my effort to create an organization that focuses on the needs, interests, and questions of the worlds most potential filled people…young adults. Here I will post thoughts, questions, videos, etc., please feel free to comment, add to the discussion, and offer your opinions and observations.
Thanks again, and continue to be the awesome person I know you are.


5 responses to “hello world

  1. Mattie ⋅

    I support everything that you are doing and i wish you much success with this.

  2. Chimere ⋅

    So far, so good! It’s great that you wanna help today’s youth out, I wish something like this was open to me as I was going through my teenage years. Great job!

  3. Dessy ⋅

    the email pulled me in, but the posts made me stay!

  4. This is a great thing you’re doing Lee. I think it’s important to share opinions and thoughts with others because you never know who you may inspire. Keep the ideas flowing.

  5. Tyneesah Davenport ⋅

    This is amazing. I will be on here alot !

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