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I bought this shirt from the NIKE outlet that reads


It led me to thinking…

Your cheerleaders and your enemies see the same thing in you. People who are on your side see your greatness and potential, are your cheerleaders, they want you to succeed and are inspired by you. Your enemies see the SAME things but the difference is they don’t want YOU to see it about yourself or believe it. Enemies know that if you ever see what they see, and understand how wonderful you are and awesome you could be you would be unstoppable. Whether it is insecurity about themselves, or their fear of someone outshining them, (which is silly because there’s enough ‘light’ to go around) some people don’t want you to succeed. Isn’t it funny how the people who claim they can’t stand you are the ones who can’t seem to keep your name out of their mouth? Your haters are the ones who think that you’re better than them.

I heard 50 cent say to Oprah (random) that he thought Oprah hated him even though she’d never met him. He said that if they couldn’t be friends he was ok with being her enemy; he just wanted coexist. That’s how enemies who love to stalk you are; they claim they don’t like you but really, they want to be a part of your world so if ya’ll can’t be friends they are ok being your enemy. It’s like a little kid who acts bad just to get attention, even if it is negative attention, at least someone is making them feel like they matter.

All the best.


4 responses to “Haters

  1. Selina ⋅

    I always tell myself this because I hate it so much when people are rude to me and judge me. but it’s really crazy to think that EVERYONE you meet faces one or more battles in their life whether it be personal, internal, external, work related, etc. and everybody needs a little kindness in their life. rude and bitter people always have a reason, I get that, but it’s so hard for me to be bitter when I have SOOO many things to be happy about and grateful for!

  2. Chimere ⋅

    I LOVE my haters, frenemy’s, and enemies, they keep me on my toes. It gives me a sense of power when they see me and have nothing nice to say just staight negativity; it gives me the energy to prosper and do everything that I am doing and more, because I am clearly doing something right. Think about it if everyone in the world loved you would you do everything that you do today?

  3. For every person cheering for you, there’s probably like three more cheering against you. As long as you are confident and you work hard, there is nothing anybody can tell you. They have some issues they need to work on themselves, you have your own problems. Use the haters as motivators just like the t-shirt says and prove them wrong. They’ll still be laughing in the same spot while you’re advancing. TRUST I am a witness.

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