YouTube Thanks

YoutubersFew things make me happier than young people doing things they’re passionate about and making a living doing it; it’s why I created Launch. So, I love YouTube as much as the next person, in fact Launch has brand new content coming to our channel soon because it’s a great platform to spread ideas and share things that matter.
Popular YouTubers started out making videos just for fun or they uploaded something to share with friends or family who were far away. As their views grew, and people began to thumbs up, subscribe, and leave comments, they made more videos. Few of them started out thinking they could earn a living from their videos. No one walked into their bedrooms or kitchens and begged them to start making videos, vlogging their friends and family, or recording themselves playing video games. They started, out of a pure desire to entertain themselves and others, and because of that, they gained a following. Millions of dollars are now earned by people posting their own content for the world to enjoy. Harley even told us so. It’s fantastic to witness, but I wonder…

Has YouTube Become More ME, ME, ME, Than YOU?

I just watched a 9 minute Youtube video and during those 9 minutes the person I was watching told me to follow, add, like, subscribe, comment below, buy, listen to, and watch this other video.
Yo, Son; that’s a bit much! I get it, it’s a business, we all suffer through hearing about Audible, Nature Box, and not skipping Ads because we WANT the YouTubers we watch to succeed. We want them to earn a living by providing us with quality, creative content. But, we don’t want to be seen as a dollar sign and not a human.
Podcasts, merchandise, tours, books, movies, and short films, what better way is there to express yourself, share, and offer ways for people to support you? It’s a dream job, and we collectively, as viewers and subscribers, applaud those who have made it their career. But is it losing the thing that separates YouTube from other media? YouTube is was connection, interaction, immediate responses . . . human.

How Many Followers Have You Interacted With This Week?

There are YouTubers with thousands of followers who never interact with them; they’re mute in their comment section, they don’t favorite, retweet, like, or even say hi (digitally) to their audience. Don’t steal the time, attention, loyalty, and hearts of people. Please know that your core audience and demographic are some of the most malleable, easily influenced minds; treat them fairly. You don’t have to reach every person, one person a day and that’s 365 lives you’ve touched in a year! All of this is voluntary, we don’t owe you anything and you don’t owe us, we know. But, if you’re going to put your work out into the world, and if we’re going to watch, spread your message, read your book, watch your movie, buy your products & merch, and listen to your podcast, some sincere gratitude would go so far that you’d never have to ask people to share your stuff again. They’d willingly do it without you even having to ask.
A three-second, free gesture means more to your followers than any profit you earn. People go crazy when someone they look up to retweets them or favorites their comment or picture. Relationship Marketing: cultivate connections, treat humans like humans and watch how willingly they’ll support and repay you. People want you to succeed, they want your book to be number, one, they are proud to watch you and be subscribed to your channel.
Retweet something, click on their IG account and like a picture, or when you’re bored, DM one of them and ask them how their day was. Be human, connect; the majority of them will never meet you in person, and that one gesture will mean more to them than you could ever imagine. Stay as connected as you can. You aren’t THAT busy.
Oh, and SAY THANK YOU! But only if you truly mean it.

Brick By Brick

Brick By BrickBuilding anything worthwhile takes time and planning. Office buildings, homes, bridges, and dreams. Building your dream requires time, hard work, and consistency. One brick at a time a wall is built; one day at a time, one decision at a time, and one action at a time a dream is built.

Bricklayers know that a wall is stronger when the bricks are laid offset, and not in a perfect line. Don’t be discouraged when your path isn’t in a straight row. There’s more than one road that leads to your destination; learn what you can along the journey. Brace for setbacks, prepare for obstacles, and build. Do one thing today that will bring your dream or your goal closer to being achieved.

Slow and steady really does win the race.

We’ve Moved!

Neon BlueAfter six months of design, hard work, and procrastination, we have finally LAUNCHED our new website and new logo! Head over to if you want to continue reading our blog. Follow us on any of the social media sites. We’ll see you there! Be great!!!

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Wonderful Life

Inspiring-Wisdom-Quotes-From-365-Days-Of-Tumblr-1I have said before that Life is Perfect. By perfect I don’t mean that things don’t go wrong, bad things don’t happen, I don’t get mad, sad, frustrated, bored, etc. I just mean, the balance of all the good and all the bad and all the opportunities and experiences make life, well, my life at least, wonderfully perfect.
I love that quote because perfection is relative. What may be perfect for you may not be for me and vice versa. What is great is that, each time I wake I get another chance to enjoy this life experience.
{Bee Tee Dubs, I’ve never seen that movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, mainly because it’s in black and white and I have eyes that are used to 2013 ultraviolet retina display HD color and I just simply don’t want to. I’m pretty sure it’s a Christmas time of year flick, like the classic Home Alone series, but check it out and let me know how it is. }
We have all been there when you want to quit life, hide, disappear, or swap lives with someone else. We have also been extremely happy, excited, entertained, loved or felt loved, and smiled. Situations that are sometimes beyond your control cause you to find yourself in places, with people, or situations that aren’t perfect or wonderful, but, in the grande scheme of things, you have the power to produce the life you want. It may require sacrifice, patience, friendships, etc., but it’s your life, make it wonderful.

Did you know that you can avoid success?

You, like me, may have never thought about wanting to avoid success, but we all have done it, and very well might I add.


Procrastination. Excuses. Laziness. Fear. Believing Lies.

If any of those thoughts or feelings creep up, don’t avoid them, face them, conquer them, and blast through them.


Avoiding Success

Let Downs

When-Something-Bad-HappensIt happens to all of us, but the effects of being let down or disappointed run deep and can stick around for a long time.

For some people, they blame that single experience on their choices and allow it to determine the rest of their lives. A major disappointment or let down will always be a part of your story, but you are in complete control over the power you give it. You can choose to let it define you, destroy you, or strengthen you.

Check out Deserae’s story and how she handled and is currently handling being let down. (Click the Pic)


Which one are you?


I know I’ve been each at some point.

The difference I’ve found is all in my mind, it’s all mental.

When I acknowledge fear and submit to it, I consider myself a coward. When I acknowledge fear and carry on in spite of if, I feel courageous.

When I start something and my mind says quit and I oblige it, I feel weak but when I ignore my thoughts and push through, I experience strength.

When I set a goal, if halfway through I decide I can’t make the goal, and stop, I have failed. When I choose to continue on… I win.

Which one I choose to be depends on the day. Luckily, the courageous, strong, winning days outnumber the others more and more.

‘Regular’ Kid- Alex!

Part of the reason I created Launch Young Adults was because I felt there wasn’t a voice or positive representation of the ‘regular’ kids/teens/young adults. Not one place to turn if you are an average American teen or young adult, for help, or to see someone who shared your experience. It always seemed as though as long as you had a stigma or fit a certain group, help was readily available. If you are/were

  • High Risk

  • Low Income

  • Teen Mom

  • Drug or Alcohol Addict

  • Child of a parent in jail, deceased, or serving in the Armed Forces

  • etc.

There seemed to be programs, funding, and centers to help you, and rightly so, there should be. And for those from families above a certain income level, you could afford to get any help you needed or desired.

But what about the ‘regulars’, the ‘average’, the ‘normal’, or any other name I’ve heard them referred as? What if you grow up or grew up in a loving home where one or both parents worked, you had an ordinary childhood, attended and graduated high school, went on to college, or didn’t have the money for school? What if you had a business idea but your parents were already stretched thin trying to keep bills paid and juggle practices, rehearsals, and their own lives? Where do you turn for help? What’s your resource?

To me, it seemed as though you were left to figure out life on your own. While there’s nothing wrong with paving your own way, I thought it’d be nice to have an organization that existed, simply to fill in the gaps or what schooling and formal education didn’t teach, but that the ‘real world’ required you to know, to succeed.

So, in an effort to start putting faces to the ‘regular’ kids, we’ve started a new series of ‘story style’ videos. First up is Alex and his story of his unconventional high school experience. We invite you to subscribe to Launch Young Adults on YouTube, and check out Alex’s story Here